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Why Wear Your Technology?

Wearables are gaining popularity as people learn about the benefits of integrating their movements with smart devices. Technology such as step counter bracelets and heart rate sensors provide special insights into personal health. Much of virtual reality is also made possible through wearable technology. Got an idea to make the sensory experience of virtual reality even more lifelike? We’ve only just started to explore the opportunities that wearable technology presents.

Today, most Americans own a smartphone. Your users love being able to use their phone as a central device to the other ones they own, keeping their important information in one place for convenient access. We’ll set up the electronic integration that would best complement your wearable idea to make it as useful as possible to your customers. Our app developers can make your idea into a useful wearable device that people won't be able to live without. Tell us what you’re envisioning and we can work together to make a killer product.

New or Existing Apps

Do you have an idea for a new app that involves a wearable device? We can develop a new mobile app that is integrated with a wearable device. Your app could communicate with its smartwatch sister app, send notifications to the watch, or we can develop a standalone smartwatch or other wearable app. With the constant improvements to Apple and Android smart watches, their market will only grow further. In only its first year, the Apple watch was second only to Rolex in worldwide revenue! Consumers are ready and waiting for apps that will become indispensable to this emerging market.

If you have an existing app that you’re looking to have function on a wearable, we are experts at integrating and updating apps so they function with the latest operating systems and technologies. We can do any necessary redesign work needed to optimize functionality and communication with the wearable. Because of the variables involved, please speak with an account manager so they can work with our development team to see if this service is right for you.

New Wearable Hardware

Haven’t found the platform that’s right for your idea? We are very experienced in both digital development and hardware development. There are currently a number of fitness and smartwatch products available, but most are currently limited to only a few functions. Whether you have an idea for new functions, or for a new way to wear technology, we can guide your idea from the design stage to mass manufacturing.

The market is waiting for fresh, creative ideas which will revolutionize the way we think of technology. Some companies are even working on injectable technology (sometimes known as a kind of biohacking). Creating something that is new and interesting could generate excitement never before seen in wearable technology. There are some consumers who haven’t yet found a reason to join the wearable technology movement, but we believe there are creators out there with ideas to change the field as we know it.

Virtual Reality Made Possible

Wearables make full immersion into a virtual world possible, enabling movement while visually stimulating the user. Our virtual reality headsets present users with 180° of top-quality video footage, while our virtual reality armbands make users actually feel like the movements that the mesmerizing video is showing are happening. But this is only the beginning. Let's make top-notch virtual reality experiences accessible to the masses. Traditional screens can only communicate a small portion of the big picture. We want to fully captivate users so they feel true wonder when they dive into another reality. Tell us about your ideas to make virtual immersion even more realistic. Our developers are ready to make the impossible happen with you.

Existing VR Platforms

There are many benefits to developing an app or game for an existing platform like Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive. For one, you ensure compatibility with most current users’ hardware. There are marketing and distribution advantages to using these platforms. Oculus VR is perhaps the most well-known VR company, as it was successfully crowdfunded in 2012, and is now owned by Facebook. They are also the creators of the Samsung Gear VR which transforms Samsung Galaxy phones into VR-capable devices. These phones run on Android, the most popular smartphone operating system in the world. We are completely fluent, and pioneers in the VR app development.

The HTC Vive is the market share leader in all VR products. It is sold on Steam, Valve Corp’s distribution software. Valve does not publicly release its sales figures, but way back in 2011 they controlled 50-70% of the market share, with over 40 million users, and have only seen their business grow and competitors fall off. Many users considering trying VR are likely already users of Steam, and will easily be able to discover both the platform and your product. With the right platform, and our expert marketing and SEO teams, your idea is sure to be a hit.

Holodeck & New VR Tech

There has been relatively little competition within the VR field so far, but more is always being developed. We have a ton of experience with hardware development, so if you have an idea for a new way to experience VR, whether it be an expansion to aid the immersion and sensory experience of an existing product, or a totally new headset or device, we are more than capable of realizing your dream.

With the current technology, some users cannot overcome the motion sickness they might experience. For these people, VR may seem forever out-of-reach. There is currently a lot of development on mixed reality (i.e. a blend of augmented and virtual reality), or holodeck, technology. Microsoft has already released a developer version of the HoloLens, their upcoming augmented reality device that runs off Windows 10—the new standard OS for all desktop programs developed. This device should eliminate problems some users had with motion sickness, but if developers work towards this technology’s possibilities, something magical might happen.

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