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An out-of-body experience

Virtual reality replaces your users’ everyday surroundings with something far more extraordinary. It can lift your users out of their bodies and onto the ridge of the Grand Canyon, high above the New York City skyline, or into a supernatural world. They can go everywhere without going anywhere. At any moment, a person’s body knows where it is because of the brain’s visual consumption of its surroundings. Virtual reality fully overtakes users’ fields of vision, causing them to perceive what they are seeing as real. Our advanced three-dimensional, life-size digital imagery appears as real as everyday life. When the virtual reality video shows a close-up of a person, users truly feel that they are standing next to that person. Our wearable virtual reality devices take the experience to another level by bringing another sense into the equation: touch. If it looks real and feels real, how could it be artificial? ISO Developers is excited to navigate the endless opportunities of virtual reality and would love to hear your ideas. The options are infinite. No spaceship required.

Transported to Knowledge

Because the environment created by virtual reality appears real, virtual reality is being adapted into educational environments. Teachers are always looking for an engaging way to teach their students, and virtual reality offers an active learning experience that students are extremely excited to take part in. Imagine students being transported to the Amazon rainforest to see firsthand the effects of deforestation, or walking around the Forum at the height of the Roman Empire. Virtual reality conforms to all types of learners: visual learners see the events of history unfold before them; audio learners take in their lessons in a peaceful and undistracted environment; and those who learn with their hands can take apart and reassemble safe, weightless objects which can be fixed again with a simple command.

Virtual reality can create virtual classrooms for long-distance learning. Unlike webcams or other technology, virtual reality transports the students to the same space, which reestablishes the real-time social side of learning. Any subject can be taught in these spaces, not just engineering or other sciences that use technical diagrams or involve assembling and disassembling parts. The only limit to virtual reality is your imagination.

Boost Your Sales With Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has long been experimented with in the gaming industry, immersing players in the worlds of their games. But locking this disruptive technology in that box would be a foolish business move. Give your potential customers a realistic test drive of your product with virtual reality. If you had the opportunity to simulate a walk along a boardwalk of a luxe overwater hotel in Bora Bora, followed up by a tour of one of the lavish bungalows, how much more likely would you be to book a stay? Sometimes people need a lifelike experience to grasp just how irresistible the real thing is.

Utilizing virtual reality to give future customers a life-size experience of the real thing has the potential to increase business on an exponential level. Our expert developers are ready to take your virtual reality marketing idea and translate it into profit for you. Additionally, virtual reality can position your company on the forefront of innovation. Latch onto virtual reality now, before your competitors have used it to improve their sales. We're eager to help you make your fresh virtual reality idea into an extraordinary marketing tool.

An Emerging Technology

Virtual reality is inevitable, a feeling gleaned not only from headlines, but with our first-hand experiences with the amazing potential these products hold. A lot of Virtual Reality development has been focused on games, which has been important in pushing forward the hardware capabilities of the technology. This is an exciting new field for creators to alter our perception of what is possible with technology. VR certainly can be used for mental health, for gaming, or for marketing. But thinking even of only traditional apps, this is only a small segment of what we use technology for. Who will be the one to come up with an app to train doctors in surgery? Transport people to exotic weather phenomena? What about a digital marketplace, where you can walk from one vendor to another in a worldwide community of shoppers? Virtual reality is waiting for someone who could conceive of something truly new. We will stand there with you, seeing what you see, with the power to bring your vision to reality, for all to enjoy.

Create Your World

We can create a world for you from the farthest reaches of your imagination. Whether you start from sketches, themes, storyboards, photos, or even a few lines of description, we can guide the creation with as much care as needed to see it fulfill your ideas. Our design team is extremely responsive, flexible, and creative, so no detail will be spared to make your idea as immersive and original as possible.

With our in-house designed project management system, you have exceptional insight into our step-by-step process of realizing your dream. It will give you live looks of every task we complete, and which designer or developer is doing which tasks. You can submit new files, assign tasks, and send messages for the entire development team to see. Revision and editing are crucial, so we will listen to your feedback, knowing that we won’t be happy until you are.

A New Look

Have some existing intellectual property that you want users to experience like never before? We are sensitive and receptive to the unique and important needs that come with your IP. We can build the virtual world based on settings familiar to your audience, or create immersive new ones which will enthrall new and existing fans alike. Adaptation is a privilege we undertake with the utmost care and understanding of how valuable your IP is.

Tone and atmosphere are key when developing something new that feels at home with what has come before it. The subtlest change of color, size, or scale can be enough to disengage fans of a character, story, or product. Extensive testing and communication with our clients results not in dissatisfaction, but in a new sense of awe and the feeling of seeing your intellectual property for the first time again.

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