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The Most Popular Medium

Mobile apps are the language of smartphones and tablets, which means they’re the language of modern business, leisure, and communication. We specialize in creating apps. Not only the apps you’re accustomed to for Google Play (Android), Apple, or Facebook, but also Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality apps. Mobile usage surpassed desktop usage in 2013 and projects to be used 5 times as much by 2018. A mobile-ready website is important for social media and email links, but in fact 90% of all time on mobile is spent in apps.

A poorly functioning or non-existent app alienates a huge portion of your potential audience. ISO are experts at building and integrating your apps to be the best. However, it can be tough to reach an audience. Whether you have a built-in customer base or are embarking on a new venture, we have all the marketing tools you need to reach the top of the search engine or app store.

Custom Apps

We excel at creating custom apps with any feature you can imagine. We have many different strategies to develop your app depending on the budget and scope. It can even be completed in as little as a week! Before we get started, you work with an account manager to figure out what problems your app needs to solve, and you’ll receive a proposal with a breakdown of every feature and the time necessary to implement it.

Some examples of apps we develop are retail shopping apps, restaurant or other food apps, games, finance apps, and anything else you could imagine. Communication and collaboration are important in creating apps. Our Project Management System lets you view and test every aspect of your app as it is created. There you can upload images of your famous burger plate, or send us storyboards of the next iTunes-topping game. We have the skills, creativity, and experience to see your vision through.

Integration Across All Technology

The mobile landscape is ever-changing. People can use apps on hundreds of different devices with different operating systems at various updated levels. Our fluency in all these different platforms allows us to create an app that’s responsive to all variables. Android, the most popular operating system in the world, has no single flagship phone, but is used by different manufacturers in different phones with different screens and technological specifications. It’s important that no matter who uses your app on an Android phone or tablet, they will see the gorgeous, functioning app it was meant to be.

With every generation of iPhone and iOS, Apple debuts new technology. In iOS 10, Apple has given developers the tools to integrate Siri into your app. Now you can ask Siri to open and use your app to search for a product, make a purchase, see retail locations, amongst many other applications. Apple’s stunning 3D Touch haptic technology will keep being utilized in interesting ways. It allows you to peek into apps, and can affect everything from sliders to game movements. The App Store is synonymous with apps. It’s by far the most successful app store ever, with over 140,000,000,000 apps downloaded.

Integration is not only important for operating systems. We integrate your app with your website, POS system, social media sites, or any other program you use.

Amazing Possibilities

Apps can be so many things, why limit yourself? There are amazing possibilities. You can combine aspects of different apps to fill a need that others may not have ever considered. Our in-house team of designers and developers can create an intuitive app that solves the problem you want to solve.

But not every app needs to be about some new way of interacting in the world. We spend a lot of our time and money using social media apps, or apps which create new content to post on those apps. We play games as we’re commuting on the train to work. We seek out news so we can stay educated on the newest political happenings. There is an audience for every idea. Let’s find it together.

Boost Your Revenue

Shopping and e-commerce are some of the most successful types of apps. Customers use apps while in your store to check prices or online-only options of in-store products. Customers use apps to decide what store they want to visit, and how to get there. Customers love to purchase things online and have them shipped to their home or to the store. We can integrate your app directly to your POS or bookkeeping program so there’s no hassle at all. Our marketing department can know how every word and image on every page is doing relative to others, and adjust them accordingly. Customers could track rewards, manage their accounts, or contact customer service over email or chat. The features are near limitless.

The numbers bear out how much of a revenue boost online shopping can be to your business. UPS sponsored a comScore study on the habits of online shoppers in 2016, and it shows that 82% of online shoppers use retailers’ apps, and that 40% of all smartphone users (who are the majority of internet users) have made purchases through their phones, and these numbers are only growing. 1 out of 2 shoppers have used the “Ship to Store” option. And most importantly, only 11% of users expect to shop more in-store over the next year compared to 81% across online platforms. What’s stopping you from building an app?

Games and Other Apps Deliver Your Content

Entertainment and informational apps are cornerstones of mobile apps. In both cases you are engaging users’ innate curiosity about the world or your services. Games are consistently the most popular category of apps, and are not only fun to play, but fun to conceive, plan, and develop! Micro-transactions in games are a very profitable business plan. Building a successful game can lead to a franchise and other merchandising opportunities that will bring so much joy and engagement to people worldwide.

You can learn a lot from apps. Your app can be an effective way to manage customer service and track customers’ interest, or it can be an aggregator of news and social media for a specific community or area. Children have begun using phones and tablets and are gaining a technological fluency that will be a great benefit to their upcoming generation. Beautiful, fun, and educational apps for children and adults alike can be developed with polish and function. These are only some of the ways to bring your content to the public. Speak with a business representative to discuss your idea, so we can start developing the future.

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