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Full Power to Your Product

Desktop apps, software, and programs are still what people think of when they think of home computing. Desktop apps are behind some of the most important creations of this century. The articles we read every day, the speeches of our politicians, and our favorite books are all written on Microsoft Word. So much of business is done through Microsoft Office and QuickBooks. The images we see on television and in movies owe a lot to Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and editing software. Without digital music software, only a fraction of the content of modern music would be possible. There are definite benefits with desktop apps. Because of the massive computing power possible on PCs, you can do much more demanding work with your app in terms of graphics, network, or memory usage. There’s a reason why the newest PC games can be much more hyper-realistic and responsive compared to mobile games. You can run data or do complex calculations on PCs in a way that mobile will likely never approach. Desktop apps are for those big ideas that you want full power to execute.

Custom Solutions

Desktop software offers productivity without the limitations of browsers or mobile devices. There are more possible variables and parallel uses with desktop apps than mobile apps or browsers. You can more easily customize window sizes, customize files, and customize just about anything when using desktop software. This gives users the ability to adjust their environment to exactly the specifications that would make them most comfortable and efficient.

Desktop apps are safer to use and cheaper to maintain. Browsers and mobile platforms are the site of at least 76% of all cyberattacks. So if you are regularly dealing with sensitive information, desktop apps are simply a smaller target than online apps. There is more time between desktop operating system updates than mobile systems (not to mention mobile hardware changes!), so it is cheaper and easier to main desktop programs.

From Productivity to Play

Desktop apps can be created to solve many problems. We can create a database to track leads, addresses, brokerage listings, or any other items which we can integrate with your website or app. ISO Developers are experts at workflow solutions. Using our proprietary Project Management System, we harness the full function of our teams of developers and designers. No matter your field, we can help you make your employees as efficient as possible. Some other examples of apps we could create are animation platforms; word and image processors; and traditional, virtual reality, and augmented reality games.

We integrate your program however you need. If you have an app or website, your program can sync up to it, so you can have increased control and productivity. Your game can be available on Steam, iTunes, Google Play, Windows Store, or any other platform! Your app can reach users on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, or Linux. Don’t be overwhelmed by all these choices and possibilities. Speak to a business representative today to get started.

Work Together to Grow Together

If collaboration and workability are important to you, consider a desktop app. By using the computer’s hardware in an efficient way, you’re able to coordinate large-scale projects more quickly and effectively. The hardware and network efficiency lets you work on multiple screens, large screens, or massive projected screens with ease. This lets you see your project in its full glory, instead of the frustrating repetition of scrolling on a tiny screen, only for the browser to crash or your phone to run out of battery. Desktop programs are easy to install across a network to make sure everyone is up-to-date both on the project and what they can do with it. These abilities will unlock new modes to create, expand, and sell the products you want.

Why Desktop Over Mobile?

Desktops remain the main agent of the business world. By ignoring customized desktop apps and sticking to those expensive apps that you have to repurchase every year, you are leaving money and productivity on the table. Desktops apps don’t need to be tethered to the internet, if you have limited connectivity but want maximum power. They can function completely independently of the internet or within a company’s own network. This software can be automatically updated and tweaked with ease.

In a retail or other public setting, you can create freestanding terminals that limit people to just the functions you want. Perhaps they want to learn more information about the monument in front of them, search for a specific location on campus, or order items to be shipped to their house.

No Comeback Needed

Some people prematurely declared desktop apps dead. App stores certainly experienced a huge amount of quick growth, but nowhere near enough to kill desktop apps. “Laplets” like the Microsoft Surface are experiencing the highest amount of growth amongst all tablets, and their combined market share is greater than any individual tablet, including the iPad. They combine the functionality of a desktop, with the mobility of a tablet. Microsoft recently announced that it will sell desktop apps on its Windows Store. This is an important step in the universality of Windows 10: the operating system that runs on all new Windows PCs and laptops, all Microsoft Surface tablets, the Xbox One, Windows Phones, and upcoming HoloLens. With Microsoft’s massive 85% market share, increased distribution is very important to growing your user base.

PC gaming surpassed console gaming way back in 2013, and only continue to grow as more powerful gaming rigs become cheaper and more useful for streaming, working, and playing. We can develop a game that plays well on the desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone, so your players can progress and interact with the game wherever they are and however they want. Steam doesn’t publicly release sales data, but way back in 2011 they controlled 50-70% of the market share, with over 40 million users, and have only seen their business grow and competitors fall off. Not only can we tap into consumer bases of that size, but we can optimize your game or app so it appears on the front page of any search function.

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