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As leaders in digital development, ISO provides resources for other developers to learn ways to gain success in the field. All our employees are constantly learning more about the many development platforms through weekly seminars and teaching sessions.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is an emerging technology that any successful developer must be fluent in. Besides the two most dominant platforms of Oculus and Vive, you must be adaptive enough to evolve with new technology. Understanding virtual reality goes beyond knowing how to code in Unity. To be able to create something amazing with VR, you must understand its possibilities—the problems it might solve. VR and AR are extensions of your body, so they must be immersive. Immersion is not just enveloping the senses; it is making the system intuitive so actions you would make outside the platform translate and track seamlessly so immersion is not broken. This can be a fragile illusion to maintain. The slightest incongruity between the physical and digital can take the user right out of it. It requires a mastery of both philosophy and experience to make VR possible.


Wearables are evolving and being adopted just as quickly as VR technology. Apple Watch Series 2 is a huge leap forward in hardware. The faster processors, better graphics, and waterproofing enable new things to be done with software. With wearables, more than most platforms, the intersection between hardware and software is absolutely important to maximize the form and function of apps. More efficient hardware will make it more and more tempting for people to adopt wearable technology. Reading developer notes about the OS is not enough to understand the platform fully. It’s important to get your hands on the product to test its limits and have first-hand knowledge of its workings so you can know how you’ll execute the client’s app.

Digitl Agancy

Challenges of a Digital Agency

It is tough to stand out in the crowded field of developers, especially with services like Squarespace clogging up ad space. It’s important to be able explain to your customers how exactly you differ from those services. It’s equally as important to actually be different from these services. Custom solutions are how you create a brand for yourself as a creator in the modern digital market. You must be professional and cutting-edge at all levels of the sales and development process. From qualified salespeople selling solutions, to well-designed proposals which give concrete evidence of what you can do, to a transparent way for clients to see updates and timeframes for their dream app, you can’t let any detail slip by as simply “good enough.” Giving your customers options and showing that you are unique in how you care for their needs is how your business can grow and retain clients.


App Store SEO

In guiding clients through the development of their app, marketing and branding will be important. At ISO Developers, we offer a full range of marketing services, from a complete redesign and rebrand to SEO and analytics services. Customers want their apps to be optimized for many different search engines. Google may be the king on desktops, but voice assistants like Siri are extremely important to a client’s success. App stores and other digital distribution sites like Steam must also be optimized to get your client’s app or game the widest audience possible by not having it buried far down the list on common searches. Most products don’t have huge built-in audiences; they must grow from people discovering them. Make sure you are fully fluent in SEO in all the platforms relevant to your customer, whether or not they are even aware of anything beyond Google.

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